Wednesday, November 3, 2010

* Bye Bye to Binkies! Hello Build-A-Bear...

"C" gave up her "Binkies"(pacifiers for some of you) this summer. 

It was hard to break a three-year habit.
But she did it-- the dentist  and her pediatrician said we really needed to. 
"C"s big sister was still a finger sucker (at age 7)
So the two girls made a pact to quit together. My little troopers. 

I made a deal with "C" that if she gave up her binkies, I would take her to 
Build-A-Bear to pick an animal of her choice to stuff her last  two favorite binkies inside. 
That way, she still has them to sleep with at night. 
("E" chose to get two packages of  "Silly Bandz" instead... Whatever works!)

"C" was so excited!
I made a big deal about the whole thing and told all of the employees 
what we were doing  and how proud I was of her. 

It was our first (and only) trip to Build-A-Bear so it was kind of a big deal for her. 
She selected a  Hello Kitty doll.  It was almost as big as her!
The nice lady, let "C" step on the pedal to add the stuffing. 

The lady gave her two little red hearts, (one for each binky) to put inside of the kitty. 

Then, she carefully tucked her last two (and very favoritebinkies inside of 
Hello Kitty's tummy before we stitched her up. 

 After a "bath" and some fluffing.
We checked to make sure  she could still feel those 2 binkies in her tummy.
Then, we added some pink Hello Kitty Big Girl undies and some Pajamas 
to complete her new kitty look.

Proud Mama and a happy little girl. 

I Love you sweet girl.
(and I sure am proud of your big sister too!)

Happy Milestone Memory Making!

pink and green mama

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