Wednesday, November 10, 2010

* Leaf Rubbing Fall Votive Candles

My husband and I have a shelf of fake tea light votives in our bedroom. 

I made them a couple of years ago with battery powered tea lights (fake candles),
strips of scrapbook paper, and 8 small juice glasses.

I change the paper occasionally to match the season --
most recently they were in a  RAINBOW spectrum

It's time for a change so we decided on a Rainbow Fall theme!

"C" and "E" collected leaves outdoors and we all sat down at the kitchen table
with some white copy paper and our favorite soy crayon rocks

After they finished their leaf rubbings, we picked our favorites and cut them into 
small strips to fit inside each juice glass.

Note: Don't use real candles with this project since the paper is on the INSIDE of the glass! 

I think these would be super cute on a Thanksgiving Table --
you could even put the person's name on the rubbing sheet and  use them as place cards! 

pink and green mama, MaryLea

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