Wednesday, December 22, 2010

* A Few More of My Favorite Things (and Little People!)

Okay... Just a few more shots of daily life around here. 
Will post our Christmas crafts after the holiday so we don't spoil any homemade gift surprises!

I added little jingle bells to the girls' shoes this week.
(Might have to add some to my own shoes.)

It was so fun walking through the grocery store today
with my little jingle bell elf bouncing along next to me -- she got several smiles! 

Lots of kitchen table crafting taking place here. Spoiler alert for Grandma(s)...
Don't look too carefully or you might see your Christmas gifts!

 Part of our winter village set up on the playroom window sill. 
"C" added the fiberfill "snow" yesterday from my sewing stash.
We also added peppermints as little walking stones and populated
the village with penguins in honor of my mother-in-law. 

My great grandfather's clock. 

The fireplace still works!
I have fond memories of sneaking out of bed at night, when I would sleep over at my grandmother's house as a little girl, to watch the "fire" in this clock at night.  Now my own little girls love it. 

We set up our jellybean-pooping snowman and penguin by the hearth.
It was "E"s idea to add the little presents, I wanted to make tiny 
stockings but didn't have enough time!

Christmas "dinner" set up by the girls in the playroom for their baby dolls. 

Yes those are real flowers and greens in the centerpiece.

More on this fun little project after Christmas! (Hooray for Winter Rainbows!)

 Finally took down our watercolor rainbows and replaced them with snowflakes this week!

Look closely....
 These are the BEAUTIFUL snowflakes my very talented Aunt Linda made me years ago. 
Instead of their usual place on the tree, this year they have a new place of honor over our kitchen table. 
I plan to leave them up for January as well!

 More kitchen table masterpiece-making!

"C"'s Christmas Tree and Snowman Drawing! 

We will be celebrating with both sets of Grandparents,
our Favorite Aunt and Uncle, and our favorite little cousin. 

There will be lots of silliness, giggling, reminiscing, cookie consuming, cookie decorating, and hugs. 

We wish you and your family
a very Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year! 

pink and green mama, MaryLea

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