Thursday, December 9, 2010

* Preschool At Home: Fine Motor Skills Jingle Bells and Pipe Cleaners Activity

"C" likes to be given challenging little activities and it's handy to have a few tricks up my sleeve
(like this one) when I'm trying to get something done like get dinner on the table before bedtime!

I set her up in her Learning Tower (greatest thing ever!) at the kitchen counter with a work tray. 

I set out chunky Jingle Bells (from the Dollar Tree), Sparkly Pipe Cleaners,
and two empty glass Cheese Shaker things.

First she laced each bell onto a pipe cleaner (this was tricky for both of us!)
Then, she poked one end of the pipe cleaner into a hole in the cheese shaker lid.
Then, she decided to poke the other end of each pipe cleaner into another hole. 

It held her interest and was really good for her little fine-motor skills!

Why can't three year olds ever do natural smiles for the camera?
It's always the forced smile with Mad-Scientist eyes!!

Her finished project!
Good job kiddo, you practiced your fine motor skills
and momma got the dishwasher unloaded and dinner started!

pink and green mama

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