Monday, December 20, 2010

* These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things (and people!)

As Christmas, out of town visiting family, and
winter break from school all arrive this week,
I'm trying to slow down and enjoy the little things that make me smile throughout the day. 

No crafts or projects to post today, 
I'm just going to share a few of my favorite things, 
(and favorite little people) around here. 

 First Snow of the Winter!
It was only about 2 inches but they still managed
 to sled in it for three days.

 New batch of re-cycled crayons
with Wilton heart pan, Ikea starfish molds and Ikea fish molds. 
We'll stick with the heart molds-- the others break too easily!

 Big sister reading Christmas books to little sister
on the couch in the morning
while I make breakfast. 

 Playing "Orchard" on the family room floor
in Pajamas. Nicely. Without Bickering. 
Best. Game. Ever.

 "C" Over the moon to have finicky Daisy Cat settled in on her lap. 

 Playing Barbies under the Christmas tree.

I think the whole world should be lit in Christmas tree light.
Wouldn't they make pretty street lights? 

 My beautiful, German, winter light from Mom and Dad
(favorite birthday present this year along with my wool felting set)
This will be up all winter, not just for Christmas.

Little girls playing under the tree...again.

"E" twirling in the Tree Skirt 
the day we set up the Christmas tree.

Dimples just like daddy!

Baskets of Good books= lots of extra couch snuggling.

Happy Favorite Things 
and Happy Holidays!

Remember to slow down this week and enjoy the little things
and little people who make your days worthwhile. 

pink and green mama

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