Monday, January 17, 2011

* Preschool At Home: Ground Coffee Sensory Box

I set this Coffee Grounds Sensory Box up for "C" last month and it has been a big hit.
I added real spoons, a small whisk, some cups, measuring spoons, 
and an empty hot chocolate tin.

with Coffee Beans = Fun!  (FYI - He IS the coolest preschool teacher ever)

So what would you do if you were cleaning out a kitchen cabinet and came across
a large package of coffee grounds pilfered from a hotel room on a vacation 2+ years ago? 
Hypothetically speaking of course!

I mean, I would NEVER have coffee grounds in a big bag
taking up valuable kitchen cupboard real estate
(in a flavor of coffee we would never drink) buried so deeply in the back of a cabinet
that I had no idea they were there! 
Not me, my kitchen cabinets are spotless and very well organized!

"C" likes to play "coffee shop" 
while I unload the dishwasher. She makes a delicious cafe latte!

Warning: it does stain clothes and hands so we wear an apron and keep a rag near by
to dust off while we're playing. 

(You'll also have some sweeping to do when you're done playing.)
But, the Coffee smells heavenly and the grounds are a fun texture to play with.

She's the cutest Barista I know. 
Happy Playing!

pink and green mama, MaryLea

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