Tuesday, February 15, 2011

* Stuffed Kitty Cat Tea Party with Mini Milkshakes and Lots of Pink!

This is "Rosie" the Cat.

She is "C"s #1 Lovey right now. Can you tell? 
She's a very well-loved little pink kitty.

"Rosie" was accidentally left behind 
at Grammy and Grandpa's house at Christmas. 

Grandpa drove her out to our house the next morning
(in a snow storm) to deliver her safely to her rightful three-year-old owner.

She arrived tucked in his coat front pocket. 
"C" squealed when she saw that!

This is what was waiting for their arrival in the playroom that morning. 
"E" wrote the words and "C" drew the Pink Cat.
The girls decided to host a Welcome Home Tea Party
for Rosie with her whole cat family. 

Pink and Red Jelly Beans (strawberry and cherry flavors)
and Smarties were served.

Nightgowns and Pajamas were the required morning party attire!
Rosie Cat even had a tiny homemade pink tiara waiting for her.

More kitty parties are around the corner...
someone special is about to celebrate 
her 4th birthday with a kitty theme! 

pink and green mama, MaryLea

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