Monday, February 7, 2011

* Tiny Tooth Fairy Gifts and Tooth Fairy Pillow

We've had several visits
from the Tooth Fairy over the past two years.

I don't know about your house,
but I thought I'd share what kind of goodies
our Fairy brings. 

Our Fairy brings tiny treasures
from her own Nature Collection,
she seems to be a collector just like my sweet "E"

Our Tooth Fairy always leaves a tiny note
and a "fairy gift"

Sometimes it's a gold dollar coin. 
Other times it's a tiny glass jar
 with tiny sea shell stoppers
and a sample of something like: 
dried lavendar, dried dill, 
tiny feathers, or teeny tiny seashells.

I think it would be cool if she left some of these

If one were interested in finding VERY similar notes,
I'm guessing their tooth fairy could visit The Silver Penny
and order some of their very own Tooth Fairy Scrolls
(ribbons included). 

One might even want to purchase multiple sets
for siblings that like to compare such things. Just sayin'. 

If one's own Tooth Fairy wanted to make tiny collection jars
like the ones ours brings one might check at a store like
Michaels or JoAnne's and look for teeny tiny jars
to fill with goodies and consider using a dab of 
super glue to adhere one's seashell stopper in the top. 

A Tooth Fairy might even want to make some of these
ahead of time and keep them hidden somewhere safe for those
lost teeth that always seem to happen on the 
nights when the Tooth Fairy is the busiest,
most distracted, and exhausted. 

"E"s notes and jars so far....

Can you see the tiny feather?

(It almost looks like it came from a bed pillow!)

Here is "E"s special box she keeps
all of her tooth fairy treasures in.

She even has the dried flowers and leaves
her gifts came "wrapped" in. 

"E"s Tooth Fairy Pillow,
hanging on her bedroom door knob.

Do you remember this? It was made with love by her mama.

If you want to make your own,
check out my post at the Instructables site
with instructions here.

Happy Magic Making! 

pink and green mama, MaryLea

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