Thursday, March 31, 2011

* ReCycle Craft: Cardboard Box Puppet Theatre

"C" and I made this puppet theatre out of a box
recently. The perfect place to act out little plays
with our finger puppets!

Here's our basic set up, just a simple hole I cut in the box lid
for the stage opening. 
It would be less floppy if I glued the boxes together in this "L" shape
but we kept it separate so it's easier to clean up and put away. 

For the rainbow design, we just glued little 
scrapbook paper squares 
around the edges of the box. 

 For the curtain, I just strung some yarn between two buttons
(small holes poked in the side of the box with an x-acto knife)
The curtain is just some fabric with a simple pocket sewn for the yarn to run through.

To add some pizzazz to the theatre,
I made this little dry-erase board topper 
so she can write the title of the play. 

It's just a scrap of white cardboard, 
cut into a semi-circle with 
clear contact paper stuck to it, 
glued to the front of the theatre (with glue gun)

We can use dry-erase markers to write 
the name of the play on top. 

Then it just wipes off when we're done!
A good way to practice our letters. 

Time for the Ballerina show!

Time for The Three Little Pigs!
Remember these toilet paper tube finger puppets we made?

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down!

The top can lay back down in the bottom of the box
so we can slide it on a bookshelf when it's time to clean up.

View from Backstage.

 Then we were on to the 
Three Little Kittens Who Lost their Mittens!

Happy Playing!

pink and green mama

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

* Pink and Green Mama Art Studio Tour with Craftaholics Anonymous

Well hello there!
I'm over visiting at Craftaholics Anonymous today
as a guest blogger giving you a tour of my own playroom,
Hop on over for a sneak peek and say hello : )

pink and green mama

* Guest Post: Art Studio Tour for Craftaholics Anonymous

Hi I'm MaryLea from Pink and Green Mama Blog and 
today I'm so excited to be guest posting today for Linda
I consider myself to be a Craftaholic with a fully stocked
art studio full of an embarrassing amount of arts and craft supplies.
Our babysitter says this room is like a craft store--
I never know if I should say "thank you" or apologize!

Today, I'm going to give you all a little tour. 

My art studio space, is what is supposed to be the "formal living room" in our house,
it is one of the first rooms you see when you walk in the front door.
I call it "Mommy's Playroom."

Our "formal dining room" is on the other side and it's our playroom.

I don't know about you but I needed an art studio and a playroom a lot more
than I needed formal living and dining rooms. 
Bonus -- these rooms actually get used daily!

We use this room for sewing, crafting, kid's art classes, painting, 
and whatever else we can come up with!

My sewing nook consists of an old Ikea kitchen table
that I used as my desk in college and my new little Brother CS-6000i sewing machine
(a surprise Christmas gift from my sweet hubby and girls this year)

I've driven two Singer machines into the ground in the past 12 years -- 
probably because I sew everything I shouldn't including Tyvek, Cardboard, 
Card Stock, Felt, and super thick (painted) art quilts in it!

The girls have their own Ikea easel-- it's seen lots of action in the past 8 years as well!

This vintage cabinet was a yard sale rescue
that has been a very handy kid's art supply cabinet.

I also keep my mini fabric bolts in there
(yards and fat quarters wrapped and pinned around  acid free cardboard comic book boards)

Paint chip samples make great supply labels!


Don't mind the mess, this is where the magic happens!

Along the longest wall of the room I have two Ikea kitchen islands
for storage and workspace. They have super deep drawers
(packed full of supplies) and two deep shelves that hold boxes of 
paint, tape, scrapbook paper, fabric, beads, paper cutters,
and big sheets of drawing and watercolor paper.

If you look carefully you'll see my own art work hanging on the walls
around the studio. The girls' work is on display in the rest of the house!

Here's a sneak peek inside one of the drawers with the essentials:
glitter glue, felt letters, Martha Stewart glitter dust, doilies, and liquid watercolors. 

See how much stuff I can cram store under there?!
(Shhh...I have canvases stacked behind the cabinets along the wall!)

The big table in the middle of the room is also from Ikea-
I think it's supposed to be a desk.
It's great to cover with brown contractor's paper and use for messy projects.
I also put my fabric cutting mat on there and spread out when I'm sewing.

I have a second (ugly) fold-up table the same size 
I use when we're having classes or a party and need more room 
(see the above photo - it's older and things have moved around a bit since it was taken)
It's the same table I use for garage sales.

Stools for the table(s) are still on my wish list. 

I like to sort and organize our art supplies in spectrums,
so you'll find lots of rainbows around the room.
Felt stacks, masking tape, fabric mini bolts, paper, and markers.

Makes me smile!

My grandmother gave me her loom last year.
We shipped it from Colorado in a gigantic box.
The leather cords are rotten so one of my (MAJOR!) summer projects is to 
"restring" the loom with my hubby. 
Can't wait to actually use it and make stuff. 
I'm in the process of painting that little bench next to it right now.

She sent me all of her awesome wool yarn spools too!
Thanks grandma : ) 

Here's the room looking at it from the Ikea island's wall.

See the fireplace hiding behind the big basket trunk?
It doesn't work right now and I've got it sealed up with that
shrink-wrap film you put on windows in the winter -- classy, I know. 

To the right of the fireplace is our electric piano for "E"s lessons
(covered in a quilt so the cat won't barf on it ---AGAIN)

On the mantel, I have some little inspirational treasures:
Two of my African Zulu baskets,
 Framed vintage butterfly tabacco cards I bought in Leesburg, VA,
Hand blown glass river stones from Seattle, WA,
Drift wood from the Outer Banks, NC, 
A tiny pink sea shell from Eleuthera, Bahamas,
Rainbow Waldorf-style lantern and Felt Acorns 
Re-Cycled Crayon Hearts made by me and the girls!

Thanks for coming over for a little tour today,
hope you'll come by again soon for some coffee and mess making --
I need to use up some of these art supplies!

pink and green mama, MaryLea

Thursday, March 24, 2011

* Barbie Art Gallery With Shapescapes

"Person In A Wheelchair"

I recently got out our "Shapescapes" toy and "E" had a great time making a 
Modern Art Sculpture Garden for her Barbie Dolls to visit. 

That's Malificent and her son "Henry" (batman) visiting the garden. 

I love the sculptures "E" made and had to take photos to show and tell!

"Mom Bird and Baby Bird" aka "Big Bird Eating Little Bird"

''Moose Eating Blueberries In Maine"

"Monthly Calendar"

"King" and to his left "Man Walking Dog"

Here's "E"s whole Barbie family, Malificent and her husband Edward,
their two teenage daughters, Jane and Snow White, and their two youngest kids, 
Beatrice (Catwoman) and Henry (Batman).

(Be careful not to look directly at Jane or she'll turn you into stone!)

They really enjoyed their afternoon at the 
Modern Art Sculpture Garden!

pink and green mama, MaryLea

I couldn't find a link to our Shapescapes toy, but they're very similar to our Zolos
(that we also LOVE!)

Monday, March 21, 2011

* DIY Spring Peg Dolls

I've recently been bitten by the peg-doll-making bug!
Please stop me, it's getting out of control. 

It started innocently enough when I agreed to 
do a peg doll exchange...

then, it was too fun drinking my morning coffee
and painting with my (Awesome!) Yarka watercolors.  

Then, I started adding little felt flower hats
and acorn tops with some Aleene's craft glue.

Then, the girls took over.

Little flower fairy friends started to appear all over the house. 

On playroom windowsills. 

On my grandmother's loom in the art studio.

In the art studio. 

Then, one appeared in the mailbox!
This one came from We Bloom Here blog.

She has a FANTASTIC Peg Doll Tutorial HERE!

Look how sweet she is! 
Like a little snowdrop. 

You can see the other little peg dolls from the swap gallery here.

And a few of ours, jumped in the mail too,
one to California and one to Southern Australia!

Happy Peg Doll Making!

pink and green mama, MaryLea

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