Thursday, March 24, 2011

* Barbie Art Gallery With Shapescapes

"Person In A Wheelchair"

I recently got out our "Shapescapes" toy and "E" had a great time making a 
Modern Art Sculpture Garden for her Barbie Dolls to visit. 

That's Malificent and her son "Henry" (batman) visiting the garden. 

I love the sculptures "E" made and had to take photos to show and tell!

"Mom Bird and Baby Bird" aka "Big Bird Eating Little Bird"

''Moose Eating Blueberries In Maine"

"Monthly Calendar"

"King" and to his left "Man Walking Dog"

Here's "E"s whole Barbie family, Malificent and her husband Edward,
their two teenage daughters, Jane and Snow White, and their two youngest kids, 
Beatrice (Catwoman) and Henry (Batman).

(Be careful not to look directly at Jane or she'll turn you into stone!)

They really enjoyed their afternoon at the 
Modern Art Sculpture Garden!

pink and green mama, MaryLea

I couldn't find a link to our Shapescapes toy, but they're very similar to our Zolos
(that we also LOVE!)

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