Friday, March 4, 2011

* Sick Day Tradition: Special Toys

(E in bed with two of her special sick day dolls - 2005)

A dear family friend, gave each of my girls
a special Madame Alexander doll
when they were born.
She shared with me a tradition from
when she raised her own daughters. 

Whenever one of her girls was sick, 
they were allowed to play with their 
special "sick day" doll(s) 
a collectible doll that was only down from the shelf
and out of it's box to keep you company when you were sick. 

We have continued this tradition 
with the dolls given to my girls 
along with a tiny hand-painted porcelain tea set
that was painted by my grandmother
(their great grandmother)
and a small porcelain doll 
(also made by my grandmother)
who has her own little suit case full of 
lovingly hand-sewn doll clothes.

The girls enjoy some quiet play on their beds
with the special "sick day dolls" 
and it's a small break in the day
that does manage to cheer them up a bit
when they're feeling under the weather.

I also let them go through my shoe box
full of tiny (tissue wrapped)
glass and porcelain miniature animals
that I collected as a little girl. 
Unwrapping each one is a little mystery-
like unwrapping tiny presents!

It's a special way to honor the collection
and those beautiful dolls 
and to create new special memories for my own daughters.  

What sick day traditions do you have 
in your household? 

pink and green mama

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