Wednesday, March 9, 2011

* Spring Break Boredom Busters! My Insanity Blog Guest Post.

Spring Break is fast approaching, 
I have friends who got three feet of snow this weekend
and other friends who are already on spring break! 
How insane is that?!

If you're looking for some ideas 
for how to keep the kiddos entertained 
while they're home for a week (or two!)
check out my guest blogging post over at
my dear CREATIVE bloggy friend Kendra's blog, 

Bored Kids = Trouble.
Messy, Crafty, Gooey Kids = FUN!

Happy Spring Break Mess Making!

In case you need some awesome INSANE ideas of your own
check out Kendra's birthday parties :
the beautiful Fairy Birthday party post 
(umm...hello little tomato mushrooms, gnome hats, and felt beards!)
her Pirate Party (she baked the invitations in her oven to make them look old!)
and my favorite oldie, but goodie, the Outer Space Birthday Party!

pink and green mama

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