Friday, April 29, 2011

* Royal Wedding Kleenex and Napkin Wedding Dress Design!

We, along with the rest of the world,
got up at an insane hour this morning to watch the Royal Wedding!

We started our morning with a
Royal Tea Party 
wearing Pajamas and fancy hats.

And...Yes, it was still dark outside.
I even let the girls use a couple of my "fancy" paper napkins.

"C" was fascinated with them and remembered 
using them for our decoupage eggs at Easter. 
She wanted to save them for a craft.

Later in the morning, after big sister "E" was off to school
and "C" and I had finished our morning walk,
"C" asked me to turn on the wedding again and said she wanted 
to make wedding dresses for "Rosie Cat" and "Lilly Tiger".

I love it when she comes up with her 
own project ideas!

She gathered her supplies and got to work
while mom queued up the DVR.

Napkins, Kleenex, 
Tape, White Yarn,
Mini Ruler, Pencil, 
Hot Pink Jelly Pen, and Scissors. 

First White Tiger got a fancy Tiara
and a new moniker...

"Princess Lilly Kate"

Then, after scraping a few knuckles on the tape dispenser (ouch!) 
Lilly got a cape too.

Then, it was time for Rosie Cat 
to get a fancy hat like the ladies on Television!

How do they look?

Then, "C" trashed their outfits and put them in recycling
and started over. 
This time, "Princess Lilly Kate Tiger" 
needed a long veil/train. 

So, she added pink polka-dots with a jelly pen to another
 piece of carefully trimmed kleenex 
and taped it to a piece of string.

Here's her final creation. 

I like the hand-cut lace doily accents
and bits of pink.

The earrings really bring the whole outfit together!

Happy Crafty Celebrating!

pink and green mama

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