Tuesday, April 5, 2011

* Wordle Fun!

Have any of you discovered Wordle yet?
My daughter's 2nd grade class made Spring word clouds on this fantastic website 
(Think Subway Art that is completely free!)

You type in a list of words.
 If you want the word to appear bigger just type it in multiple times 
(the more you type it, the bigger it will be) 

Then play with the layout, font, and colors (you can even make custom color palettes!) 

(Psst....I didn't correct "E"s spelling - if you look carefully
you'll see that she wrote "gentile" instead of "gentle" tee-hee!) 
Then, she came home and taught our family how to make Wordles.

Now we can't stop. They are highly addictive. 
Both girls made birthday cards for my mom.

"E" made a Harry Potter-themed Wordle bookmark.
She also made a breakfast-themed word cloud that she hung on the fridge.
(Breakfast, pancakes, coffee, orange juice, eggs, toast, bagels, etc.) and... a bookmark for her teacher. 

Geoff even made one for a power point presentation at work!

Go check it out and have fun but be warned, it's addictive. 

pink and green mama

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