Tuesday, June 21, 2011

* Homemade Personalized Ballet Shoe Bag

My sweet little "C" (age 4) is starting her very first ballet class this week. 
She's SUPER excited, her mama kinda is too!

(Back story: I studied ballet/jazz/tap/toe for 11 years and did a bit of dancing in high school and college
Her daddy and I are taking Latin and Salsa dancing this summer)
We went on a special shopping trip to the store
to pick up her leotard, tu-tu, shoes, and tights. 
Every little dancer needs a special bag to keep her clothes and shoes in
 and my little "C" is a "purse girl." 
So, I made her a pink dance bag of her very own.

I made one of these 5 years ago when her big sister took her first dance class - 
she quit after a year but it was fun while it lasted. 
I still have her cute little bag and some adorable photos for my scrapbooks! 

First, we needed a good photo of "C" wearing her special ballet costume, 
with a neutral background.
We did a mini photo shoot in the hallway against a white door and tried a couple of poses. 
We picked her favorite pose, then printed it out on T-Shirt transfer paper.
Because we were planning to use a dark pink bag, I ironed the image onto some white muslin
(so it wouldn't be too dark.) 
If you are using a lighter colored bag, you can save yourself a step 
and iron the picture directly onto the bag!

Ironing on the kitchen granite works like a charm with the transfer film.

Out-of-focus, close-up photo of the "Ironed-On-Muslin Ballerina." 
Sorry, it was a bad camera day

Then, I carefully trimmed the ballerina and used 
Fabric Fusion glue because I didn't feel like sewing it onto the bag. 

After she was glued down, 
I hand-sewed on a bit of pale pink tulle to make a little 3-D tu-tu for her.
(Sorry about the side-ways photo!)
On her sister's bag, I even added a silver glitter glue tiara
but because C's hands were over her head, there wasn't enough room. 

Then, I found some pale pink satin ribbon in my stash, it reminded me of my toe-shoes 
so I tied a big fluffy bow and hand-sewed it to the bag so it wouldn't come un-tied. 

Another view of the ballerina so you can see how her skirt is attached.

Voila! The finished ballet bag, and my little ballerina ready for our first class. 
I have a dance teacher friend from college who is expecting her first daughter soon,
I'm thinking she's going to need one of these little bags too!

Happy Crafting!

pink and green mama

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