Thursday, June 2, 2011

* Preschool At Home: ABC Practice and Alphabet Letter Crayon Rubbings with Melissa and Doug Puzzle

"C" (age 4) is very into writing words and letters.
She is starting to recognize small 3-4 letter sight words.

"CAT", "MOM", "DAD" and "BED" are her favorite 
words to write right now (other than family names!) 

Telling the difference between 
capital and lowercase letters 
can be a bit confusing. 

So mommy (the school teacher) thought we should play with our 
Melissa and Doug See and Spell wooden letter set,
(all of the letters are lowercase).

First we lined up all of the letters to make an

Then, we sang the ABC song
(a million and two times) 
while pointing out each letter.

That "LMNOP" sure is tricky! 

Then, we used the wooden word "cards" to build words
(like word world).

Mommy thought it would be fun to make 
word-rubbings with our soy Crayon Rocks.

"C" loved it!

We made a bunch of the words.
As well as our own names (not shown for privacy)

and... a colorful Alphabet chart. 

Happy COLORFUL Learning!

pink and green mama

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