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* Smart Summer Challenge: Make Summer Learning Fun!

Most of you are out of school for the summer.
We still have two "half-days" left...there will NOT be a lot of learning taking place - 
I predict extra recess, ice cream parties, signing year books, and watching movies.
However, that doesn't mean we can't get ready to learn at home this summer!

This summer, I'm super excited about starting a new summer routine
filled with field trips, craft projects, and sneaky "learning" 
to avoid the summer learning slump and the "Mom, I'm Bored!" whining.
Don't worry, we'll throw in lots of pool time, s'mores making, and backyard exploring!

We're participating in (and I'll be blogging about) the 

I've teamed up with two of my favorite pals,
professional educators, 
and total rock star mom bloggers,

We're planning 6 weeks of fun and educational activities
to do with our kids (to avoid the summer learning slump) and 
encouraging you to do the same (psst...we even have prizes!)

Here's the info:

Smart Summer Challenge: The Smart Summer Challenge is simple- it's a challenge for all parents to pledge to incorporate at least one learning activity into their child's day over summer vacation. 
That's it. 

The learning activity can be as simple as reading a book, or doing a simple science experiment, or as involved as packing up the crew and visiting a museum or hiking your local park. It's as involved as you want it to be, and our focus is to help parents realize the important role they play in helping their kids avoid the summer learning slump. 

And (here's the fun for you part!) we want to reward everyone who joins us in this Challenge by awarding prizes (super cool ones!) each week - woot!

We've worked hard to prepare a sample calendar of ideas, aimed at children K-3, with adaptations for preschoolers and upper-elementary aged students that can be downloaded, printed, and hung on your fridge. Our calendar is merely a list of themed suggestions to get you started - you are the expert on your own children and you know what they will find most engaging. Feel free to adapt and make changes to meet your own family's needs. 

Here's the calendar: 

Step 1

The first step is to "Like" the Smart Summer Challenge on Facebook, if you have an account.
We'll be using the Smart Summer Challenge FB page to share ideas, questions, and successes from challenge participants. 

Step 2: 

If you are a blogger, we would love for you to grab our "Smart Summer Challenge" Badge for your sidebar and/or Smart Summer Posts. 
Grab the button from my side bar!

smart summer button '11

Step 3:

Each week, from June 27 through August 5, we will be posting daily activities on our three blogs. 
We would love it if you would blog along (as often as you wish - even once a week is great) and share what you are doing to keep the learning going over the summer. 

Step 4: 

On Friday of each of the Smart Summer Challenge weeks, we will post a themed "linky" on our blogs where you can share your recent or archived posts. If you do not have a blog, please feel free to share your activities and pictures on the Smart Summer Challenge Facebook page! We will highlight posts from participants on our blogs and on facebook. 

We hope you will visit and comment on each other's posts so we can all learn together. 
You can find the Smart Summer Challenge Linky each Friday here on Pink and Green Mama or on or

Don't forget to check out the we teach Summertime Learning eBook from my awesome friend Amy, for even more cool summer learning ideas on Teach Mama's we teach site - you can download the whole thing for free and it's filled with 30 great ideas to make summer learning fun!
You'll even find a fun art project from me in there!

Interested in what kind of prizes and schwagg we'll be giving away to some of our Smart Summer Challenge participants? Here are a few...

We're looking forward to making this a Smart (and crafty) Summer for everyone! 

Pink and Green Mama

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