Monday, June 6, 2011

* Weekend Summary a.k.a Staying Home All Weekend

The family and I had a quiet backyard kind of weekend.
An "only us", extra snuggles, wear mostly PJs, eat comfort food,
and unplug the rest of the world kind of weekend. 

My favorite kind. 

This cute guy was hanging out in my hammock 
so I crawled in with him!

My view from the hammock. 
The girls are over there under a beach umbrella 
playing with their dolls. 
Cute guy is to my left and yes, I have cobalt blue toenails
(from the wedding I was in last weekend)

Might just keep them cobalt blue all summer!

Me and the beautiful bride (last weekend), my BFF from Sweet Briar.

Hung up this new flag in the backyard, 
to add a splash of color (and school spirit)
to our rain barrel and compost globe corner!

Made some art.
I'll share it later too! 

Did some serious playing.
I guess Rapunzel's family decided to pack a picnic
and visit the local "pond"

There were wild elephants out there too!

See the cool sun shade we put up
over the swing set area
(the crazy looking white sails overhead) 
I'll post those later -- they. are. so. awesome. 

Our neighbors must think we've lost it now for sure.

My sweet "C" crawled into the hammock with us
and took a mini nap on mama. 

I may have snoozed there as well! ; )

I hope she never gets too big for a snuggle nap with mama.

Both girls have been under the weather.
"C" had high fevers of a mysterious "viral" kind all of last week
that ended in some traumatic blood tests that still only told us
it was "viral" She's still wiped out and not sleeping well at night.
She's gone back to daily afternoon naps. 

Then my sweet "E" had a tummy bug Friday
we were both exhausted from our "all nighter."
Then she got some kind of bug bite yesterday (in the backyard)
and spent today (Monday) with her eye swollen shut (she looks like a boxer!) 
Poor kid, can't catch a break. 

Hubby and I are making some major life decisions 
and we're all feeling stressed out by it. 
I'll update you all when decisions have been made.

Trying to take it one. day. at. a. time. 
and remembering to just breathe....

Naps help too. 

Hugs from all of us here at the 
Pink and Green Mama household. 

Hope your weekend was spent with the ones 
who mean the most to you.


My cutie pies playing with daddy 
 at "Nature School" in the backyard.
And yes... the girls are always in their PJs around the house. 

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