Monday, November 21, 2011

* Cut Paper Thanksgiving Dinner

"E" (age 8) had to plan a Thanksgiving dinner
as one of her November projects for school this month.
I thought she would just make a seating chart, 
write a menu, and maybe copy a recipe. 

 Nope... she wanted to make a full-size reproduction 
of our Thanksgiving table so that's just what she's been working on 
for the past three weeks. She finished it this weekend and it's adorable.

She used brown contractor's paper to roll out a table 
and made all of the plates and cut paper food out of scrap-booking paper
and construction paper. She even made place cards for
each family member, water glasses out of watercolor paper,
and little forks, knives, spoons out of gold paper.

Here are some peaches stuffed with sweet potatoes and stuffing.
She even asked us to trace our hands and sign on the "tablecloth" just like we do 
at my mom's house every year.

Signing the table cloth for my niece's first thanksgiving (2009).

Here's my favorite part. 
Her kid's meal for my niece. 
Check out the cotton ball mashed potatoes and the crinkly paper crackers!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pink and Green Mama

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