Tuesday, November 15, 2011

* Fall Art Project: Cubist Pattern Leaves

Here's another fun lesson from my teaching archives.
I called it "Cubist Leaves"
The kids and I would start with a walk outside
to collect some leaves to use as visual references
for the different shapes and edges of the leaves.

Then, on a piece of black construction paper,
we would draw a series of intersecting lines
across our papers with white chalk.

I would ask them to draw some leaf shapes (outlines) on
their papers as well making sure to overlap the leaves
with some of the lines. 

Then, working with Crayola-brand construction paper crayons
(now re-names "Poster Crayons")
They would color in their leaves and lines with 
bold and bright colors and patterns.
I told them to change colors and patterns
whenever they crossed one of the lines on their paper.

The final project resulted in bold, 
beautiful abstract art work that was almost
as breathtaking as the actual fall foliage show outside!

What falls in the fall?
(Funky) Leaves fall in the fall...
down, down, down, down, down.
-Laurie Berkner

Happy Fall! 

pink and green mama

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