Wednesday, November 23, 2011

* Native American Princesses Imaginary Play

Two little Native American Princesses have taken up 
residence in our family room.

It started with the teepee.

My parents found it at a neighborhood garage sale
two years ago. Isn't it great?!

 It travels around our house.
Sometimes it's in the yard, other days you can find it in 
our family room, the playroom, or my art studio. 

Then the girls needed some food so they raided my 
Gyotaku (Japanese Fish Printmaking) rubber fish from the art studio.

They built this "camp fire" with stones and scarves.

and gathered necessary supplies...

Then they needed something to wear. 
So, one Saturday morning this summer,
I made them each a fleece dress.

I found this fleece at JoAnnes during a sale this summer.

I folded it in half and cut out the basic shape you see above with simple side seams
on my sewing machine and hand-cut fringe.
Didn't use a pattern, just eye-balled it. 

Close-up of the "arm pit" area of the dress.

Neckline has a notch to make it easier to take on and off.

"E"s was embellished with some simple (plastic)
 turquoise beads from our stash. 

"C"s dress has a little turtle bead and some pink accents. 

We tied and knotted plastic pony beads onto some of the fringe for a bit more bling.

"E" modeling her fancy outfit. 

"C" gathering fish in her mesh net (one of my string grocery bags)

"E" cleaning the fish by the campfire.

Baskets, blankets, and kittens inside the teepee.

Take time to pet the wild mountain lion who hangs out by the campsite.

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving from 
our teepee to yours!

Pink and Green Mama,

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