Thursday, November 3, 2011

* Nintendo Wii Play Motion Ice Cream Party!

My lovely friends at Nintendo contacted me recently
to host an Ice Cream party and to play a copy of their 
new Wii Play Motion game with some of our friends.

We all had a blast on Saturday even though it was 
a weird wintery mix of weather here, 
very unusual for our neck of the woods in October!
It was snowing as guests arrived.

The (big) boys all got down to business playing right away.

The girls didn't take too long to join in!

We had a little ice cream parlor set up on the kitchen table.
Check out all of the yummy toppings they hooked us up with!

I added homemade rice krispie bars and brownies. 
Yum... my house smelled awesome. 
I think instead of worrying about vacuuming before company comes over, 
I should just start baking brownies every time!

We also had crafts set up for the kids in the art studio.
Pom-pom mini milk shakes. 
Remember these?  They were a big hit. 

We used tiny plastic cups from the party supply store 
(I think they're supposed to be used for jello shots)
with tiny cocktail straws (cut in half)
Glue in some pom-poms with Elmer's glue,
you can shred up some cotton balls for whipped cream on top
or add real sprinkles with some gel glue!

Guess who had A LOT of sprinkles to sweep up 
in the art studio afterwards?! 

We also made these cute Felt popsicles. 

I set out cardboard templates (cut from a kleenex box).
Trace the template and cut two pieces of felt. 
Then, glue a popsicle stick in the middle with Elmer's school glue. 

Tasty Ice Cream Toppings. 
The gummy bears  and cherries were the most popular with the kiddos.

Everyone kept asking where we bought our water bottles, 
then laughed when Geoff explained that I couldn't leave them alone
and replaced the labels with cute scrapbook paper and ice cream stickers.

Signs that I've spent too much time on Pinterest lately!

After fueling up with lots of yummy 
Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream,
there was a lot more Wii action!

We all decided the "Cheesecake" flavor was our favorite ice cream flavor.
"Cake Batter" and "Strawberry" were close seconds.

Cone Zone, Veggie Guardin', Skip Skimmer, and Wind Runner
have been our favorite Wii Play Motion games!

I found these cute ice cream cone bubbles in the
party favor aisle at Target.
They were a big hit with the littles. 

More cute party girls taking a break from crafting and playing
to eat yummy ice cream sundaes. 

Thanks Nintendo...
Wii all had a great time (especially Mii)!

Pink and Green Mama

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