Thursday, November 10, 2011

* Pink and Green Mama's Gratitude Giveaway #2: Make and Takes for Kids Book!

Here's another fun giveaway to celebrate my gratitude this (my birthday) month.

I'm grateful for each of you, who continue to visit my blog,
try out our activities, and leave friendly comments!
I'm grateful for another birthday, because every day (and year!) is a gift.
I'm grateful for my healthy kids and husband.
I'm grateful for our warm home.
I'm grateful for good friends and good books.
I'm grateful for good coffee and good (cheap) wine.
I'm grateful for crafty inspiration!
and...I'm grateful for crafty blogger friends.

Marie LeBaron 's blog, Make and Takes, is adorable.
It's full of cute (free!) printables, craft ideas and kid-friendly fun. 

Her new book, "Make and Takes for Kids" is adorable too!
When my advance copy of her book arrived in the mail 
last week, "E" snatched it up immediately and started
naming the projects she wanted to do. 

I handed "E" a set of mini post-it notes and told 
her to "bookmark" anything she liked and wanted to try.
She came back 5 minutes later 
with more than half of the book,"marked." 

This book is adorable and full of totally do-able,
kid and mom friendly crafts and recipes. 
It's organized by seasons and has 50 projects to make with kids.
There are 4-5 activities, craft and food related, for each month of
the year centered on that month's holiday or season. 

The girls love these egg carton sea creatures. (so does their mama!) 

Umm... hello.... so cute, little rock animals. These went right on the girl's crafty list!

I love printmaking,  especially with goodies from the kitchen!
Want to know why you'll be grateful for this book too?
The projects are simple, most of the supplies will already be in your house,
and you the crafts require very little prep time! 
You can get your own copy in all major books stores and online:

For more great crafty inspiration, check out Wiley Craft's page

Want a chance to win your own copy of 
"Make and Takes For Kids"? Leave a comment below.
(This would be a great stocking stuffer for crafty mamas!) 

I'll select a name by random number generator on November 12, 8 pm EST! 
This giveaway is now closed.

pink and green mama, MaryLea

CREDIT: Photos by Nicole Gerulat from a little sussy blog.

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