Tuesday, November 29, 2011

* Pink and Green Mama's Gratitude Giveway #3: Kiwi Craft Crate

Let's kick off the holidays with another giveaway!

My lovely friends at Kiwi Crate sent us 
this fun little craft kit to play with and try out. 
"C" (age 4) loved it, it's a perfect mess free craft kit for toddlers and preschoolers.

Everything you need comes inside the kit, even these scissors
(which are awesome and now "C"s favorite pair) 

We got the Colors Crate to explore.
First up was playing with colors on two different spinning tops.
The papers were precut so we just colored them in 
and you can make different designs on both sides so you get 
twice as many tops to play with. 

Each craft comes with these cute little instructions and tips.
Very cute graphics and very user friendly!

"C" adding finishing touches to her tops before we gave them a whirl!

They sent multiple, prepunched circles of paper 
to fit onto each of the two spinning tops. 
She made designs on both sides!

Spinning the top!

Look at how the colors blend together -- weeee!

Then, she wanted to make the "stained glass" window that came with the kit.
We stuck the pieces of pre-cut contact paper to the pre-cut matte board frame.
Then, "C" stuck tissue paper to the contact paper's sticky surface. 

Checking her work to see how the colors look in the sunlight.

Then, she played with it on our light table. 
They also sent us these cool pieces of colored plastic so we could blend colors!

Trying the stained glass with the included "blue" glasses
to see if the colors change. 

Then, it was time to play with bleeding tissue paper.
"C" had never played with this stuff before and I guess
I hadn't either. We laid out the included white mini tote bag on a cookie sheet
and used the include eye dropper to apply water to the tissue paper.

We let it dry on the bag and it made a pretty tie-dyed rainbow!

All in all this was a GREAT kit. 
"C" is the perfect age for it and I think any kid ages 3-5 would love it. 
It was very mom-friendly too. 
There was minimal set up (and clean up) involved!
These would make great birthday gifts for classmates and friends. 

Want a chance to win your own free kit to play with at home?
Leave a comment below, stating which kit you'd like to receive
from Kiwi Crate (go check out their website)
they have several cute ones on their website.
One entry per person please. Must be 18 years or older.

Make sure I have your email address so I can contact you.
I'll draw a name by random number generator on 
Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 8pm EST. 
Comments are now closed. 

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