Thursday, November 17, 2011

* Mom's Homeroom Anatomy of a Craft Project Body Maps!


This summer, we got to film a segment for the 

We spent a whole morning and part of an afternoon
shooting footage of the girls and two of their friends
making Life-Sized Body Maps. 

The kids made wonderful projects 
and were naturals on camera. 

The film crew was wonderful and I made some new facebook friends too!

We had two awesome cameramen, a very funny sound guy,
a talented working mama director, our lovely and warm hostess Alba (and myself)
along with 4 kids crammed into my art studio!
My hubby was in charge of snacks and candid photos.

Yesterday, the video premiered on their website! 
You can check it out by clicking here, it's called
If you want to hear what my voice sounds like
(it sounds weird to me!) and see my kiddos in action
crafting, learning, and creating go check it out!

Giggle monsters on the rug for a final take.


pink and green mama, MaryLea

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