Friday, December 9, 2011

* Budget Friendly Semi-Homemade Christmas Cards

This year we kept it simple and semi-homemade with our Christmas cards. 

I used a printing coupon from an online 
photo printing site to print a bunch of 4"x6" photos
of the girls from our trip to the beach this summer. 
We didn't have a family shot since we went by ourselves to the beach this year!
Next year we'll have to use a timer or ask someone to take a photo for us.

I cut up a bunch of rectangles of scrapbook paper
from a big Christmas themed scrapbook paper pack
picked up (on clearance!) last year from Michael's craft store.

Using glue dots from my friends at Elmer's glue,
I attached the photo of the girls,
then added a pre-printed white office label
with our holiday message/greeting on the back.

We put them in self-sealing envelopes from Walmart 
with address labels and holiday stamps.

We used 12x12 scrapbook paper from one of those big paper pad packs.
I trimmed down each piece to 5"x7" on my paper cutter,
so I got three cards out of every sheet.
(If you don't have a big paper cutter at home is there one nearby
at school or a church you could borrow?)
We saved our scraps to re-use as embellishment on the cards
and to make paper chains and christmas collages!

It was pretty easy and the girls were able to help me with the card assembly. 
Now that's off the to-do list,
 we can't wait to see all of our friends' smiling faces 
on our Christmas card bulletin board in the next few weeks!

pink and green mama

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