Friday, December 30, 2011

* Can You See What I See? Toyland Express! Book Review and Giveaway

The girls and I love our collection of Walter Wick "I Spy" 
and "Can You See What I See?" books. 

"E" frequently reads her I Spy books as a way to wind down at bedtime. 
We were thrilled when our friends at Scholastic books and Walter Wick's office contacted
us to review his latest and greatest book,
"Can You See What I See? Toyland Express!" 

In Mr. Wick's eigth title in his bestselling search and find series, 
we follow the life story of a little toy train from it's beginning in a workshop, 
as a gift from a toy store, to a beloved toy and finally to the attic, 
only to be rescued at a yard sale and brought to life again in a new home.
There are over 250 hidden objects to find as the train transforms along it's journey.

"E" has always wondered how Mr. Wick makes his book 
and really enjoyed watching this behind the scenes video.

You may recall that we've tried to make our own "I Spy" books and photo shoots

"E" (age 8) and "C" (age 4) really enjoyed this book and some of the 
hidden objects really challenged them (as well as their parents)!

"E"s Grandpa D came over for Christmas and enjoyed the challenge of 
searching and finding the hidden objects in the book as well. 

So much so, that the girls are making him his own, 
homemade "I Spy" search and find book for his birthday this weekend.
(Shh... don't tell, it's a surprise!)

and...I have a surprise for you, my lovely readers, as well!

Two (2) of my (continental US) readers from my blog will receive: 
* Copy of "Can You See What I See? Toyland Express!"
* 5 Additional book titles from the "Can You See What I See?" series.

All you have to do is leave a comment below,
and make sure I have a way to contact you.

Look carefully, my "comments" section is tiny 
(and I don't know how to make it bigger)
just think of it as a little Pink and Green Mama blog search and find!

Two names will be drawn by random number generator on 
Sunday January 1, 2012 at 9pm EST.
This giveaway is now closed. Winners will be contacted via email. 

pink and green mama

All opinions expressed are my own, my family and I received a copy of 
Walter Wick's book, "Toyland Express" to write this review.  
We did not receive any additional financial compensation.

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