Tuesday, December 27, 2011

* Christmas 2011 Highlights From the Pink and Green Mama Household

I thought I'd spend this rainy, gray morning sharing a few favorite 
Christmas weekend highlights from our family to yours.

On Christmas Eve, the girls made birdseed ornaments, 
(the ones that have been ALL over Pinterest) with gelatin and corn syrup. 
Can you tell what "E" thought of the smell? Hee-hee!

This little Etsy treasure was a gifty from my sweet hubby. 
He gets me. Mama's coffee is very cozy now. 

The girls painted a few of these sweet little wooden birdie ornaments
for our tree, here's my little blue bird friend painted by "E." So friendly.

This was "C"s preschool gift to mommy and daddy, of course she wrapped it in pink!
Love the little fingerprint ornaments on the homemade card. 

There were lots of fun homemade gifts this year.

Daddy enjoying his first back rub in his homemade back rub shirt from the girls!

"E" made these awesome toilet paper tube angry birds for her daddy,
all by herself - I'll post details later.

I made wooden fire and water stacker puzzles for the girls.

Snuggling my sweeties on Christmas morning in our PJs. 

"E" and Daddy assembling Lego Hogwarts.

Afternoon shadows in the playroom window.

Grandma and Grandpa spent the afternoon and evening with us,
so we decided to use my camera's timer to take a classy family portrait. 

Wishing you a happy holiday season from our family to yours!

pink and green mama

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