Friday, December 16, 2011

* Easy Kid Holiday Craft: Paper Chain Stair Garlands For Christmas

Do you remember how I said that we had a bunch of skinny strips
of scrap-booking paper leftover from our 
Homemade (Thrifty) Christmas Card project this year?! 

The girls and I (with some help from Grandma too) 
had a crafty play date and made Christmas paper chains
to deck the halls (and stairwell). 
(And yes...those are stuffed birds and fairy dolls sitting on the stairs.)

We had real pine swags (read: very Martha Stewart) 
but they were dropping pine needles left and right 
and Elly the Cat wouldn't leave them alone.

This is a much more cat-friendly alternative garland
and the girls had fun making it too! 

pink and green mama

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