Thursday, December 29, 2011

* Toilet Paper Tube Craft: Homemade Angry Birds!

So this year, daddy's favorite gift was his set of toilet paper tube Angry Birds
that "E" (age 8.5) made for him with cut paper at Grandma and Grandpa's house a few weeks ago.

She and "C" did a great job keeping it secret and could not wait for daddy to open his present!

I had not seen them yet either and I was blown away.
Wowzers!! "E" did a fantastic job making these and I think
they look just like the characters from Angry Birds! 

Daddy can't wait to bring them into the office to display proudly on his desk. 

Here are some close up shots so you can see the details. 
She covered cut down toilet paper tubes with colored paper 
then cut and glued all of the tiny face details with bits of colored paper and a few
permanent marker details for things like eyebrows. 

I think her inspiration for this craft came from "Pinterest"
and she saw the painted TP tube angry bird set 

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and shared some homemade gift love too!

pink and green mama

Kindly note that this post and my daughter's craft are not affiliated with Rovio Entertainment. 
Angry Birds™ is a registered trademark of Rovio Entertainment.

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