Saturday, January 21, 2012

* Birdseed Cakes

The girls and I spent Christmas Eve making 
our feathered backyard friends some bird seed cakes! 
We have seen these all over Pinterest and I remember
seeing them in Family Fun Magazine.

I liked and used the directions from this blog.

We mixed together 1 pouch of Knox Gelatin with 1/2 cup of boiling water
(we heated the water in the microwave) 
Stir the gelatin until it dissolves. 
Then, let the gelatin cool for a minute. 
The girls did not like the smell, can you tell? 

Then, they stirred the gelatin into 4 cups of birdseed in a big mixing bowl.
We also tossed in 3/4 cup of flour
3 TBSP of corn syrup
a handful of dry multigrain cheerios
a handful of mixed raisins 

"C" scooped the mixture into a silicone muffin pan
and into a regular metal cupcake pan. 

"E" cut up some plastic drinking straws and poked one through each 
bird seed "cake"

We put them in the garage fridge to set up overnight.
Then, we pulled them out three days later (when we remembered them again)
and threaded colored yarn through them like ornaments.

We hung them in our backyard and frontyard trees.
The squirrels ate all of the birdseed cakes out back in one day.
The cakes out front lasted a week before the birds ate them all. 
We even gave three to Grandpa for his birthday because he likes to feed his birdies too.

Looks like we'll need to make some more!

Happy Creating!
Pink and Green Mama

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