Sunday, January 15, 2012

* Craft With Your Pets: "Paint For Cats" App Homemade Cards

Some of you have emailed me to ask about 
the "Cat Artwork Cards" that were shown 
in my post about the Letter Writing Center. 

Say hello to my mom's cat, "Murphy"
He has quite a personality. 
He was a homeless kitty we rescued via a very kind neighbor
one VERY chilly December, 12 years ago.

Here is the artist himself at work. 
He loves my mom's iPad.

My mom downloaded the app "Paint for Cats" on her iPad
and both of her cats love it. 
(Her other cat is camera shy and didn't want her identity revealed)

Both of her cats love this app so much that whenever my mom gets 
out her iPad one or both cats will jump up on the table and pester her 
to turn it on for them! It has become part of the weekend newspaper reading routine.

After the cat completes his or her painting, my mom will email 
copies of their paintings to herself as jpegs. 

Then, she adjusts them in Photoshop to the size she wants and saves that.
Finally, she uses Microsoft Word to create a card size document and prints 
them out on nice watercolor cards with little envelopes. 

Here are some completed kitty masterpieces:

If you make some artwork with your own pets, I'd love to see it!

Murph the Cat's Masterpieces.

Now you're going to think that my mom and I are crazy cat ladies.
You'd be correct, we come from a long line of them.

If you want another kitty story, my cat "Elly" and I were interviewed
for an article on cats and houseplants
for this month's Humane Society Magazine

Pink and Green Mama

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