Sunday, February 5, 2012

* Make A Paper Salad - Scissor Practice For Preschoolers

I love this project because my sweet little "C" came up with it all on her own.
When I'm cooking dinner at night, we're waiting for daddy to get home 
from work and big sister "E" is working on her homework. 
"C" feels left out sometimes and I try to keep her entertained while we're 
all in the kitchen together. 

She loves to help me fix dinner but sometimes it's just not safe with knives, boiling water, etc.

She really wanted to cut up veggies and make a salad 
one night but I was chopping a bunch of stuff and really didn't have time
to stop everything and help her with a knife so she and I worked out this idea instead.

First, she asked me to draw her some food to color.
I drew veggies quickly on a piece of white copy paper with a black permanent marker. 

Then, she cut out her "veggies" while I chopped up mine. 
Big sister was next to her at the counter working on her math homework.

"C" cut out all of these shapes on her own.
Her scissor skills are pretty incredible for a 4 year old!

I drew a quick bowl on a piece of yellow paper and labeled it "Salad" 

She carefully colored all of her veggies with her soy Crayon Rocks.

Then it was time to make the salad. 

 C "chopped" all of the veggies up with her scissors
and glued them down to the paper salad bowl with a glue stick.
It kept her happy and engaged the whole time while I cooked dinner!

The proud artist chef and her paper salad!

Pink and Green Mama

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