Monday, February 6, 2012

* Re-Cycled Paper Bowl Project

 This was a messy, Saturday morning (still in PJs) craftivity in the kitchen kind of a project!
E has a book called, "Make It!" that she saw this project in and begged me to let them do it.
She's very good at getting her younger sister to go along with 
whatever she wants to do and then they gang up on me. 

I hesitated because I knew it would be super messy but I also thought 
it would be a good lesson for them on how to make paper. 

First, they picked some papers from the art studio stash to shred. 
They included a bit of junk mail and some (clean) cupcake wrappers too. 

Note: tearing this much paper into tiny pieces is a major work out for 
little fingers. The girls got tired and needed help from mama -
we all had sore fingers after shredding the paper. 

Shredded paper in the bowls. 

After you soak the paper in hot water, you'll need to drain it. 

E's book "Make It!" by Jane Bull that we used for this project.

That's our gigantic bowl of eco-paste. It was way too much for this project
but being math-deficient I didn't realize the proportions were way too big
when I read the recipe in the book!

Here is the recipe we followed for this (enormous) batch of paste: 
(if you want a smaller batch reduce the amounts)

1 cup of flour plus 3 cups of water.
Put one cup of flour and one cup of water in a sauce pan. 
Stir with a wooden spoon until the mixture is smooth. 
Then, add the rest of the water and bring the mixture
 to a boil on the cooktop, stirring constantly.

Once it comes to a boil, remove from heat and pour into a bowl to cool. 

That's your eco paste. 

The girls "greasing their bowls" with Vaseline. 
Can you say messy? 

Next time we'll use throw away (think Chinese Take out containers) bowls
so we don't have to clean off the vaseline when we're done.

Use lots of vaseline - we learned this the hard way too. 
E's paper bowl ripped at the end because her plastic bowl didn't have enough grease.

Pressing the shredded paper pulp into the greased bowls
with our homemade flour and water "Eco Paste." 

So goopy and messy. 
This project is not for the mess-phobic!

Paper bowls drying in the art studio. 
It said it would be dry overnight.  Yeah...well,
try almost a week....they took FOREVER to dry out. 

When they were finally dry, we discovered that "E" didn't use enough
vaseline on her bowl so hers ripped as we cut it out of the form. 

She was NOT a happy camper and extra unhappy because 
"C"s bowl came out perfectly. 

I glued "E"s bowl back together with some Elmer's glue, it was a bit misshapen
but at least it was back in once piece!

"C"s pink bowl.


"E"s blue bowl.

Happy Re-Cycle Crafting! 

Pink and Green Mama

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