Friday, June 8, 2012

* Homemade Father's Day Gift - Backrub T-Shirt

With Father's Day right around the corner,
I wanted to share a homemade gift idea with you
that is easy to make with your kids and you may even 
have all of the supplies you need to make it in the house!

P.S. Your Hubby will love it too!

The girls and I always try to make gifts for Geoff
that are useful as well as creative. 
This year, while trolling Pinterest, I came across
an image of a back massage t-shirt and knew it was the perfect 
kid-made gift for daddy this Christmas. 
It would be a fantastic Father's Day gift too!

You draw a map on the backside of a t-shirt and the kids
drive cars all over daddy's back to give him a "massage." 
There was a lot of giggling when he opened it -- from daddy and his girls!

provided templates but we like to do things our own way.

We raided one of Geoff's white t-shirt style, 100% cotton, undershirts.
Then, we folded up some newspaper and put it inside to keep the ink
from bleeding through to the front of the t-shirt.

We thought about using fabric crayons or markers
but decided to use what was in the house
and it's probably not going to be worn or washed that much anyway! 

So, we got out our permanent markers.
I marked off some roads and "E" got to work adding the yellow dotted lines. 

Then, both girls colored houses, a coffee shop,
parking lots, a football stadium (On Wisconsin!)
a play ground, and traffic lights. 

So many fun details.

They named it "Dad-Ville." 

After all of the details were in,
we put it in a gift box with some new Matchbox cars. 
The idea is that Geoff will wear the shirt and lay down on the floor
while the girls drive cars all over his back! : )

We had fun working on it and their daddy loves it.

Happy Homemade Gift Making!

For more homemade gift ideas, 

Pink and Green Mama

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