Wednesday, June 27, 2012

* Summer Wish Flags (Summer To-Do List Modified)

The girls and I really enjoyed making our giant watercolor 
but wanted to make something different this year...

I was thinking about Tibetan Prayer flags during my meditation class.
I thought this project would be a fun and meaningful way for the girls 
to incorporate their summer hopes, wishes, and dreams 
into something beautiful and symbolic for our backyard. 

I'm not a fan of so-called "bucket lists" 
I feel they imply a "hurry up and cross everything off your list 
before you die" concept that is depressing to me
 and makes me feel like people are in too big of a rush
getting through the list to actually be living in the moment. 

I think this year in particular after losing my dear friend to cancer last month
and watching some other friends struggling with health issues, I wanted 
to go in a different direction with the girls and our Summer Fun list. 

First we brainstormed ideas for what our 
hopes, dreams, and wishes for this summer are...
"E" and I wrote everything down on a scrap of cardboard. 

We had this garden flag leftover in our craft room stash 
from making garden flags at our 
 (full instructions for our garden flag project is in my Backyard Fun ebook
Easy = muslin squares cut with pinking shears and stitched to a ribbon!

"E" wrote down the words from our list onto the flags, when 
she got tired of writing on fabric, she roped me into helping her. 
It ended up being a joint-project. 

To keep the permanent markers from bleeding all over the flags
and to help preserve the oil pastel drawings - we sprayed the flag
with a bit of clear sealant spray paint- it helps preserve the flags outdoors. 

The cardboard helps to protect the table from the permanent markers. 

Summer Wish Flags in progress...

"E" has awesome school teacher handwriting.
Love the dots on "F-U-N" I used to do that too when I was her age.

Our wish flags tied up on the side of our deck,
ready to carry our hopes and dreams for summer in a lovely summer breeze.

Happy Summer 
Wishing, Hoping, and Dreaming!

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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