Wednesday, July 18, 2012

* Curvy Board, Waldorf Rocker Board Review

I wanted to introduce you today to one of our favorite new "toys" in the house, my 
family was so lucky to have the opportunity to review this product and Etsy shop!
It's a Curvy Board/Waldorf Rocker from a wonderful Etsy shop called Open Ended Creations.

It has been too hot to play in the backyard this week -
we've been under a code red heat and air quality advisory so
my girls have been bouncing off the walls (literally!) 
This rocker board has been a life saver for everyone's sanity!

I can not get my kids to get off of it and I've had to start setting the oven timer
to let them take turns playing on it. I'm thinking we may need to order another one!

So what do you "do" with a Curvy Board?
Well...that's up to your kids. 
That's the whole beauty of it. It's an open-ended toy.
There is no wrong way or right way to play with it.
You just set it out and let them explore. 
They don't need instructions. They'll figure it out.

Action shot of "E" in the middle of a very enthusiastic rocking session!
The board is made out of 9 layers of poplar plywood, sanded smooth, 
and finished with varnish. It's handmade so no two are alike. 
Ours is the Walnut Finish, they also come in Natural and Golden Oak.
I think it's beautiful. The kids think it's awesome.

Ours has been a great "bridge" as a prop in imaginative play.
They've made Zen gardens with it. Troll Bridges. Barbie Moats. 

"E" is fishing with some of our homemade, magnetic bean bag fish
(leftover from "C"s penguin birthday party!)

Both girls enjoy sitting on it as an indoor see-saw. 

"E" the tiny rocking sea turtle. 
Watch out, your sister will come jump on your back in a minute 
and you'll be a human rocking horse if you stay like that!

Turtle on her back!

Homemade "chair" 

That troll under the bridge looks pretty cute to me!

What would you do with a Curvy Board? 
Go check out at the Open Ended Creations Etsy Shop!

Pink and Green Mama

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FYI: All opinions expressed are my own. 
My family received a Curvy Board to review and play with - we really do love it.
We did not receive any additional financial compensation. 

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