Friday, July 20, 2012

* Homemade Erasers With Eraser Clay

My girls have extensive (embarrassingly large) collections of little erasers.
They come from different places and different companies
but they are all basically the same thing -- 
little erasers in the shape of tiny animals and junk food that pop together
(and apart!) into a million tiny pieces.

Both girls keep their collections in one of my hand-painted lunch tin boxes.
They enjoy sorting them and acting out little plot lines with them. 
They even build little houses out of shoe boxes for them.

We spotted a package of "Eraser Clay" (Sculpey brand) at the craft store 
and the girls wanted to try making their own eraser figurines. 
This is not a sponsored post.
I'm just sharing the fun we had as a family when we discovered this fun clay!

So we brought home a package and had a playdate with Grandma 
to make some figure. Grammy is a bit of clay expert - she helped make 
a claymation film (I GO POGO) a million years ago when I was a little girl. 
The girls are always impressed with her play dough and clay modeling skills!

Grammy made the tiny pink kitty for "C"
We used some play dough molds to make the carrots -- "C" had fun making them.

"E" made the green frog and the birthday cake above.

It kept the girls (big and little) entertained for part of an afternoon
and it was fun to add some homemade "toys" to our collection.

I just baked them in the oven on a cookie sheet per the package instructions
and they weren't very stinky. 
I wouldn't use these as "real" erasers - but they do "erase" a little bit when we tested them.

Happy Crafting!
Pink and Green Mama

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