Monday, July 16, 2012

* Improving Your Child's Fine Motor Skills With Play and Art Activities

I recently read a great article over at Mom's Homeroom about activities that 
Help Your Child's Fine-Motor Control written by Joanna Nesbit. 
In the article she talked about how important hand-eye coordination 
and fine-motor control is for learning how to write. 
A lot of this development takes place between ages 2 and 6. 
That doesn't mean that your child should start writing at age 2 but you will see 
them starting to use their hands more as they create, play, and explore.  

My own little "C"is obsessed with writing right now, she makes little 
notes and books on scraps of paper and I find them all over the house!
I'm trying to help her have the best head start this summer as she gets ready
for kindergarten in the fall so we're incorporating several of the activities 
she recommends in the article into our play time. These activities will help
your child learn about shapes and in turn, get them ready for interpreting shapes into letters!

Here are some of her fun fine motor boosting 
activities you'll see around our house this summer:

Play with clay or play dough

We love to make homemade play dough as well as use store bought dough.
Stamps, beads, lace, straws, googly eyes, and feathers are fun to add to play dough!

Finger Paint!

We love to paint with food coloring and shaving cream in the bath tub. 
Finger Painting with shaving cream to see finger motion. 


Drawing with stubby chalk (or soy crayon rocks) 
to force that tri-grip with the finger tips instead of the whole hand. 

Hooray for Block Play!
Build with blocks and small toys.

String beads. 

Play with puzzles and play card games.
Make collages and other art projects that encourage cutting and pasting.

Lots of mixed media collage and tape cutting projects go on around here!

Sort small objects. 

Other fine motor booster activities not mentioned in the article 
but that are big favorites around here, include:


Sticker Play

and... Weaving!

Happy (sneaky) summer skill building through play and creating!

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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