Monday, July 23, 2012

* Make Your Own Comic Book - Homemade Comics In The House!

Laughter is very important in our household.
We laugh together as a family daily.
The dinner table conversation is usually full of silly voices,
inside family jokes, impressions, and several potty jokes. 

I wasn't surprised when "E" (my 9 year old) started drawing her own comics
last spring. She had been drawing and designing "fashion sketches" for the past year
and it seemed like a natural evolution for her to jump over into combining her drawing with 
her fantastic sense of humor to make her own comic characters and stories.

Remember her "fashion sketches"? 
She still has a board of them up in her room.

She draws comics based on real-life experiences - usually ones 
that involve some sort of frustration. 
This is a comic about the time when mom spent an afternoon
on hold with the insurance company. 

She also made one about when the school lunch lady was out of popsicles 
and told her to "try again tomorrow" every day for 4 days (see the top comic in this post)!

"E" is so prolific and draws so many awesome comics 
that I made her a binder with page protectors to keep them in. 
It's her own comic book and she loves to share it with guests 
when they come over to our house and tour her room 
(we also do a lot of show and tell in our family!)

She made "themed" comic books like this holiday one.

She made up characters that recur in different comics and even
made profiles about each one. This guy is named "Cavey" he's a caveman and not very smart.
Another fellow named "Edward Smelly Bottom" also shows up a lot. 

She loves to make drawings and infographics about things she thinks are "creepy"
like vintage "Chatty Cathy" dolls, the "Big Tex" statue in Texas
and "Baby Alive" dolls - for the record her mom thinks those things are creepy and weird too!

Who knows, maybe someday she'll write her own graphic novel,
illustrate a comic strip, or write a book. This could be the start for that idea.
One thing I do know is that she will love this little binder/book of her homemade
comics and enjoy seeing her ideas when she's older (and so will her own kids!)

I absolutely loved this great idea I saw over on Mom's Homeroom.
Jolie Stekly suggests turning your home into a "House of Comics"
by making speech bubbles for inanimate and ordinary objects to express themselves --
What is the kitchen chair thinking? What does the microwave say?
She suggests cutting out big speech bubbles with paper or card-stock
and asking your kids to add words or thoughts, then tape them up around the house.
I think we'll be trying that out next. 

How fun is that?!
Keep smiling and laughing.

Pink and Green Mama

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