Thursday, August 9, 2012

* Charting Goals Over The Summer and School Year

Do your kids set goals for themselves over the summer or during the school year?
Teaching children how to set goals and achieve them
promotes responsibility, independence, accountability, and teaches them
that with hard work you can bring rewards.
I recently viewed this video about Charting Goals
at the Mom's Homeroom Website discussing goal setting with children
for sports and in life.

She suggested making a chart or notebook with your child
so they can write down their goals, review the steps to achieve that goal,
set a target date to achieve the goal by, and what their expected end result is. 
The chart can be as simple as you want (think: Post-It note, spiral notebook) 
or as elaborate as you wish. 

My favorite piece of advice she gave was to make sure that you as a parent
provide direction for your child and their goals but that you do not achieve the goal for them.
They need to do it themselves.

"E"s 4th grade teacher gave an optional "goal setting" project this fall.
Each month the kids got to pick two project ideas from a list and interpret them 
any way of their choosing. "E" picked set your goals for the new school year
and decided to make (you guessed it!) a diorama.

Here's a quick tour of her diorama... Math has always been her scariest subject 
in school, she's actually good at it but is convinced that she's not because 
mom is terrible at math! 

She loves Origami and challenged herself to continue to learn 
more complicated origami. BTW, she can fold a crane by heart now
(so can her mom thanks to my 9 year old's instructions.) 

"E" doesn't participate in sports but she does love running club at her school.
It's a before school program where we all go run on the high school track
and she earns one of these little "foot" tokens for each mile. 
Her goal was to earn 20 more miles. ("C" and I run with her)

She wanted to enter the Science Fair again,
something she re-thought and decided against once we got into spring
and there were other things going on.

"E" wanted to start to learn how to write in "Cursive" 
she's still working on that one - a good goal to carry into the new school year. 

She wanted to earn a spot at her class pizza party
by reading enough books to earn a spot and she did it!

Do you set goals for yourself?
Do your kids set goals?
Maybe it's time to start!

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