Sunday, August 12, 2012

* Make Your Own Room Art With A Paint Sample Collage

"E" did a mini room makeover this summer to get more of a 
big girl (teenager wannabe) look to her room. 
We updated her comforter this spring with a blue and green comforter
and she asked if she could make some new artwork for her walls.

"E" used some of my circle punches from my scrapbooking stash
and punched out paint samples that she picked out at the hardware store.
Then she arranged them on a piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper (also from mom's stash.)
Once she liked the way they looked, I helped her glue them down.
She also used some of my Washi Tape to create a grid on one side and corner
of the piece and a bird scrapbook punch to make a small flying bird. 

We put it in an old frame I had and I think it looks great. 
It cost us nothing because all of the supplies were already available in the art studio.
She loves it and I think it looks great. 

Pink and Green Mama

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