Saturday, September 15, 2012

* Giveaway and Review of the Draw Write Now Series

My friends at Barker Creek recently contacted me about their
award-winning drawing and handwriting book series,
 "Draw Write Now" 

As a former teacher, and current mama, I was excited to give 
these books a try with my own daughters. 

"C" is 5 years old and just started kindergarten.
She is still working on learning how to write and will begin reading this school year.
She will is the perfect age to start with these books and they will grow along with her
over the next couple of years.

"E" is 9 years old and just entered 4th grade.
She LOVES the books, not the handwriting practice part but the 
drawing lessons and tricks. She has been stealing the books and keeping
them up in her bedroom to draw with them in her sketch book at night.
The other morning, while putting away laundry, I found this drawing in her room. 

The book series is made up of 8 books with 168 different drawing and writing
lessons designed to integrate art and language arts with
geography, history, social studies, and science. 

Pink and Green Mama
All opinions expressed are my own. 
My family received a complimentary set of the "Draw Write Now" Series books.
We did not receive any additional financial compensation.

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