Tuesday, September 25, 2012

* How to Make a Tree Out of a Toilet Paper Tube

Trees are very popular in our sensory boxes and imaginary play lands.
The girls need forests full of them for many of their games.

We have a few small evergreen trees I've picked up over the years
at Christmas time sales for those tiny villages at the craft store or Walmart.
We also have some wooden trees cut out on a jig saw and hand painted with watercolor
but our favorite sensory box trees are our felt and toilet paper tube trees.

Making them is very simple. 
You will need some empty cardboard tubes 
(toilet paper, paper towel or gift wrap tubes cut down)
felt, glue, and scissors.

Cut rectangles of brown felt to wrap around your trunk and glue with school glue 
or if you're in a hurry use a glue gun.

Then, just cut leaf shapes with green felt (or orange/red/yellow for a fall tree) 
and glue them into one end. 

We've even used faux fall leaves on some of our trees.
Make as many as you wish. This is an easy craft for the kids to make too. 
If they're little you can pre-cut the felt and let them do the glue work.
Once they're dry, you're all set for some sensory box or imaginative play land fun!

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