Tuesday, September 18, 2012

* Klutz Sticker Design Studio Fun!

I have some more exciting news -- one of our family's favorite companies, Klutz,
asked me to be one of their Klutz Crew Ambassadors!
This year Klutz is celebrating their 35th anniversary. 
They are launching a fun new campaign to "Wrap It Up with Klutz!" 
This fall, they are repackaging their awesome craft books
with easier to store packaging for their art materials. 
This means, no more lost markers or squished embroidery floss 
shoved into the depths of your book shelves. 
Now, all of the Klutz books will have cute little pouches and clever ways to store
their art materials right along with the book so you can keep it all together in one place. 

When the girls and I opened our Klutz Crew box it was like Christmas!
We even got t-shirts for our whole family.
(Note: Geoff wore his this weekend while he was doing some home improvement projects
 and asked me if I was comfortable with him operating a saw and painting baseboard
while wearing a "100% Klutz Certified" t-shirt!)

The first book the girls wanted to dive into was the 
We LOVE stickers around here. 
Personalized, color-it-yourself stickers = even. cooler. 

With this super cute kit, you get to make your own truly personal mark with 
unique custom designed stickers! The almost blank stickers are lightly printed 
with pale grey designs that are barely there- allowing your own creative genius
to show when you ink over their stickers. 

Both girls loved the bright markers that came with the set
and even "C" was able to get right to work with her own sheet of stickers.
Some of them are embellished with glitter = extra fancy!

The kit has an adorable book filled with tips, inspiration, and super cute ideas!

We decided to use some of our fun new stickers to bling out 
and embellish some boring school supplies.

Mommy had to jump in and color some stickers too.

"E" added stickers to her composition notebooks and spiral notebooks for school.
Her classmates complimented her on them the first week of school!

I channeled my inner 70s-80s child with a retro notebook
embellished with unicorns, rainbows, and ice cream cones. 
There is even a roller skate sticker I think I'm going to have to add to my notebook!

We all had so much fun with this set, I know what our new 
go-to birthday present (under $20!) gift for friends will be this year!

Happy Sticker Making!
we will share more Klutz fun soon...

Pink and Green Mama,

Ethical Disclosure: All opinions expressed are my own. 
 I received free Klutz products and compensation in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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