Monday, September 10, 2012

* Leave A "Space" Writing Sticks For Kindergarten

I shared with you the fun I had helping my friend set up her 
kindergarten classroom this year. 
Now, I'm going to share another little project I made for her classroom. 
The kids in her kindergarten classroom use popsicle sticks to 
learn how to leave a "space" between words while they are writing 
on big sentence paper. Last year, she had sticks with a simple astronaut glued
on them - the concept was good but they weren't very cute (no offense, Mrs. P).

We're going for cute this year 
so, I asked if I could give them a makeover. 

I started with a batch of popsicle sticks 
that I painted with black acrylic craft paint 
(paint both sides - take turns and let it dry).
I did not take a photo of this step = boring.

After both sides had good coverage and were completely dry, 
I used a white out pen to add stars - you could also flick the sticks
with an old toothbrush dipped in white paint
like we did for our 

Then, I printed out Space Shuttle pictures found and reduced from 
Google Images - cut them out carefully and glued them to the sticks
with a few layers of Mod Podge.

Oh Mod Podge, how I love thee. 

While the Mod Podge was still wet, I added a sprinkle of silver glitter
for bling and a spacey star effect! 

The finished sticks look great and Mrs. P was thrilled
with her new leave a "SPACE" sticks! 

Pink and Green Mama

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