Wednesday, September 5, 2012

* Where Do I Buy Washi Tape?

Here are E's washi tape wrapped glue bottles she brought to school this week! 
I love them and need to ask her to make some Rainbow Bottles for our art studio as well.

Some of you have sent me emails asking,
where can I buy adorable washi tape ?
(like the tape I featured in my two posts)


Sorry! I forgot to include it in the posts.
I buy most of mine online from this website,  Cute Tape.
Be careful, you can spend a small fortune there - they have SO MUCH cute stuff!
And no, they're not paying me, I wish they would!

There are also a bunch of cute sites on Etsy that sell tape, just enter "washi tape" as a search and you'll find them. I've also seen cute tape in the scrapbooking departments at Michaels and JoAnnes.
Elmer's makes some tape as well but I don't like their colors and patterns as much, shhh... 
(the Elmer's decorative tape is in the adhesives section at the craft store)

Hope this helps!
Happy Taping.

Pink and Green Mama

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