Sunday, October 28, 2012

* Instagram and Hurricane Sandy

(Dew-covered Spider web on our morning walk!)

So I recently set up my Instagram account and with 
some encouragement from my photographer cousin. 
I'm really enjoying it. 
It has turned out to be a fun way to grab my phone 
and snap a quickie photo of whatever we're up to at the moment. 
A way to document the little moments in our daily life.
I also get to see what my friends are up too with their own lives - so fun. 

If I could figure out how to link it to my Pink and Green Mama Facebook page
I would, but I'm technically challenged so I've only been able to 
figure out how to link it to my regular (private/personal) FB account.

Are any of you on Instagram?
I would love to follow you and see what you're up to. 
(all caps, not meant to sound like I'm screaming!)
Here are a few recent photos/scenes from our daily life.

My view from the kitchen, while cooking dinner a few nights ago.
"C" balancing on her pods from Discount School Supply
(they were in this post, they're called Hop Around Steps)
while watching Daniel Tiger -- Pippi our greyhound was supervising.

Turned our never-used Ikea Paper Dispenser into 
a Washi Tape dispenser
in the art studio = big hit with the kids!

"E" spooning with Pippi the dog on a Saturday morning,
they're almost the same size -- Pippi outweighs her by 7 lbs. 

Mission Gift Wrap Organization Complete!
My new wrapping paper station on the back of our guest room door 
made with Elfa parts from the Container store last weekend
The best part was that I opened up two storage shelves in our garage
and had all the parts except one piece from our old pantry. 

Visiting my happy place - the ribbon aisle at Michaels Thursday.

"E"s finished Salt Map of Virginia in a Pizza Box project
she turned in on Friday. She did all of it and it's awesome.

Building a fancy block house with the girls last night in our playroom. 
Made these mini bean bag worms with the girls today!

In the meantime, we are battening down the hatches
and getting ready for what is supposed to be one whopper of a big storm,
Hurricane Sandy.
The local news and weather people are calling it a 
We stocked up on food, I'm baking cookies today, making our favorite bean dip,
and charging cell phones.
Geoff picked up his work computer and blue prints so he can work from home
and the girls have already had school cancelled for the next two days.
We're planning to hunker down and hang out.
Hoping to keep our power but expecting to lose it.
We had a storm that was much smaller than this in the spring
and lost power for 4 days. 
We will be crafting, reading and snacking. 
Good thing we have a full bowl of halloween candy and some bottles of red wine!

 Hope all of you stay safe too.
I expect to be off-line for a few days or a week...or two.

Stay dry. Stay safe.
Hug your kiddos.
and... Happy Halloween!

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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