Thursday, October 11, 2012

* Klutz Face Painting Book Review and Video Demonstration

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One of the perks of being a Klutz Crew Ambassador
is that I get to PLAY as my WORK! 
The girls and I attempted their Face Painting kit last weekas a test-run for Halloween. 
Confession: I have never liked the way face paint is always so greasy and itchy.
I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that I was skeptical about "testing" this kit.

The folks at Klutz have done their homework because this paint is awesome
and the book is completely user-friendly!
The face paint:
  •  is easy to work with
  • it dries quickly
  • it doesn't itch
  • it doesn't smear after it dries
  • and it washes off easily with water or a baby wipe (we did have to use a bit of mild face soap to get the last of the black paint off -- it stained pale grey until we used the soap)

The face painting book has easy step-by-step photos and instructions.
On the video below, I painted "E"s face as a butterfly 
and it was my first time attempting it - 
the instructions were easy to follow and I love the end result.

I loved the way the make up sponge applied the white face paint and the brush was great for details. 
I LOVE the Wolfe Brothers brand professional face paint-- 
seriously...who else wants me to paint their face? Come on over!

* The book even has little tear-out "cheat sheets" to make painting parties even easier. 
How fun would this be for your next carnival or birthday party? 

So here you go, our You Tube premier video and of course it was
filmed on a morning when I didn't do anything with my hair so I look like a total nerd.
Good thing my kids (and our dog Pippi) are cute!
"C" makes the funniest faces ever in the background while I'm painting "E"s face.

Pink and Green Mama

Ethical Disclosure: I received free Klutz Products and compensation
in exchange for my honest opinions.

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