Monday, November 5, 2012

* Journal 10+ Review and Makeover!

My friends at Journal 10+ recently contacted me and asked if I would
be interested in trying out one of their journals. 
I said yes because I love journaling and I love serving as our family's historian
and recording all of the little and big moments in our lives. 

I love their motto of, 
"Every Family Should Have Its Own Time Machine."

A few years ago, I was a scrapbooking consultant - 
it was an expensive hobby that fed my own habit.
But it was also overwhelming - it takes a LOT of time (and money) 
to put all of those photos together and assemble albums. 
I'm a busy mama and I don't have time to get it all done. 
Then I started making digital albums online - easier
but also time consuming so I don't make them as often as I'd like to.

My scrapbooks are little time machines and I love to curl up on the couch
with the girls, Geoff, or my mom and flip through our albums. 
One thing I don't enjoy about scrapbooking is the pressure to write
beautiful and poetic prose and stories about our everyday lives and moments. 
I know there are moms out there who do write beautiful things
in their albums for their children but for me it's too much pressure.
I'm a visual person and I prefer to just fill the pages with photos..

However, with that being said, I also really enjoy keeping journals 
but I don't journal in the "typical" way. 
I jot down little things the kids say on scraps of paper and drop them 
in a big jar in our family room. I also write down important milestones
and events on our family calendar in the kitchen that I can never throw out
so I have years of them stacked up in a cabinet with my scrapbooking supplies. 

(Too dark photo I took during Hurricane Sandy in my art studio) 

I've wanted to figure out a way to keep it all in one place 
but never figured out a good system... until now. 
The Journal 10+ is an easy to use, one line a day journal that goes on for 10+(!) years. 
I started it with this year 2012 "E" is 9 and "C" is 5,
so that means when I finish it in 2022 my girls will be 19 and 15 years old!
Can you imagine having one book to flip through that holds 10 years worth
of family memories? I am so excited about this project, it is such a treasure.

(dark photo taken in my too dark art studio at night -- sorry!)

 Each page covers a single day for the next 11 years.
You only have to write a few lines in a couple of minutes each day - 
if you miss a day, no biggie, the world won't end. 
You can use the journal like a life planner of sorts - it has separate sections 
designed to help you keep track of special dates like birthdays and anniversaries
as well as routine things like oil changes and doctor's appointments if that's how you want to use it.

So here's my only complaint...I don't like the cover. 
I'm a visual person and I like things to look pretty. 
I don't think the sensible dark green cover on this journal is cute at all -- 
it looks like something my grandfather would have used at his office
in the 1950s-1960s and not in a cool retro/Mad Men way!
How about a different color like a fun robin's egg blue or a spring green?

So, I decided to re-cover it. Remember when we used to wrap
our school books with brown paper bags? 
That was the idea behind this little makeover project.
I used some pretty, hand printed wrapping paper from my wrapping paper stash 
(picked it up at World Market this spring) and trimmed, folded and wrapped it around 
the cover of the journal. Then, I secured it with some Washi Tape for a little more
oomph and to keep it from falling off the flexible vinyl cover. 

See? So much better! 
I smile every time I see it sitting next to me here at my desk 
and it's been easy to jot down a line or two about each day when I plop down here at the 
computer to waste time on Facebook or Pinterest work.
If you're interested in your own 10+ Journal/ Time Machine for your own family,
visit their website
I think these would make great holiday gifts (especially if you re-cover them!)
Hope they don't get mad that I don't like their covers -- time for a makeover. 

Pink and Green Mama

Disclosure: I did not receive any financial compensation to write this post.
All opinions expressed are my own. My family DID receive an awesome journal that we have been enjoying!

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